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When I was just a kid, I didn't know what primitive camping was. This was just the way we did it. We would pack up our gear and family in the International Travelall wagon and head for the hills. After 3 hours of travel torture in the back with my brother and sister, we would arrive at our spot. It was the only level ground at willow creek, and no one else knew about it. We had to set up camp before we could go fishing. It took about 30 minutes to set up the tent and unpack the wagon. Before I could gather up my fishing tackle, my brother and sister stripped down and was swimming in my favorite fishing hole. Right Now Firearms News
Night time was the best! Cooking marhmellows and hotdogs over a open fire. The fire was a place for good stories too. If Grandpa came with us, he had the best stories to tell. He would light up his pipe and sip his whiskey and talk about fighting Japanese during the war.

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