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  Welcome to the cheap survival gear for the serious prepper website. You can save tons of money on low cost survival equipment. If you are a serious prepper, you have come to the ultimate store! Our prices on cheap survival food storage and MRE can not be beat!
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You can just feel that something is coming, but you really can't put a finger on it. I just keep asking myself if my family will be ready for when shit hits the fan. You know things are going to go to hell in a handbasket soon. I try to be ready for the unexpected, but have a good idea what will happen. It could be a very bad blizzard snow storm, tornado or earthquake. It could also be government or economic meltdown. It could be from a solar flare, or asteroid hitting the earth. It could even be nuclear war.
The first thing is we will be without electricity. Without electric power, we can't pump water. Water is priority number one. The gas furnace in my home needs electricity to work. Staying warm and dry is priority number two. The shelves in the grocery stores will be empty in a few days. Having groceries to eat are priority number three.
The priority list goes on and on. It is wise to prepare in advance to be off the grid and self sufficient. The best way is to look at how people lived off the grid 150 years ago.

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