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  Welcone to the buy Low cost knives site. Our online deals are much better that store prices. If you are in the market for a good quality pocket or cheap hunting knife, we can help you here. All of the top brands of tactical and Bowie inexpensive knives like Boker, Buck, Browning, Cold Steel, Gerber, Ka-Bar, Kershaw, Benchmade, Schrade, SOG, and much more.

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  • Marttiini Knives. Marttiini knives are made in Finland, right next door to Sweden. There is something about these Nordic Vikings and blade making. Marttiini blades are every bit as good as the Mora of Sweden blades. They are made of high carbon steel and stay sharp twice as long as stainless. The Marttiini knives do have a lot more bling than the Mora for just a few extra bucks. With the nice rubber handle and stainless guard, the Marttiini looks like it cost $100. It feels real nice in the hand too. The prices are in the $20-$29 range.

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      Bear & Son
      Cold Steel
      Frost Sweden
      Helle Norway
      Mora Sweden
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    Pocket Folding Hunting Swiss Army Tactical Bowie

      I was in the market for a good inexpensive folding knife for EDC or Every Day Carry. My new safari vest with 18 pockets has room for everything. I carry my compact Kahr 9mm is my inside left pocket and my Meyerco folding lockback knife in my right inside pocket for self defense. Since a loaded pistol weighs 20 ounces, I could afford to buy a strong heavy cheap knife to help balance out the weight of the gun. With the Meyerco, wallet, full magazine, and cell phone carried on the right side, it balanced out perfect. EDC or every day carry is getting more popular. The safari vest is like a purse for men. A vest is macho and not gay like a fanny pack.

    Buy Lockback Frame Lock Boker Buck Browning Cold Steel Gerber Ka-Bar

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    Meyerco Schrade Kitchen SOG Puma Police Mora Kershaw Machete Sword

    There are a lot of quality low cost knives for self defense on the market. KA-BAR and SOG at the higer end price point with Schrade and Winchester near the bargain bin. Boker Kershaw fixed blade Cold Steel fixed blade Buck Meyerco and Gerber are the good mid range price knives. My guess is the Schrade and Gerber are the best selling brands you can get from a store or online dealer. Boker is also sold under the Magnum brand. A Leatherman tool is very handy to carry in a pocket or holster.

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    Boker Puma Buck Browning Cold Steel Spyderco Gerber Ka-Bar Kershaw Meyerco Schrade SOG knives
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